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The mission of Perspective Gallery is to expand the student’s conceptual world through art appreciation and to encourage patronage of the arts. The Gallery organizes exhibits by local, national and international artists. Through these exhibits and educational programming, the Gallery inspires active learning about art and provides a conduit for dialogue on local and world issues. The Gallery supports the transdisciplinary educational goals of the University to benefit students and members of the community.

Even when we’re closed, exhibitions are visually available through our perimeter windows, in front, and down the corridor along the side of the gallery.

Road Signs Collection by Michael Summa

Where Are We?

March 22 - May 14

 Reception:  March 25, 5-7pm - Artist's Talk at 5:30pm

Michael Summa’s interest in collecting decommissioned road signs became a passion that later turned into an artistic outlet.  Summa’s love of road signs began when, as young child he underwent painful surgeries for a disability requiring a road trip to an out of state hospital.  Despite his parents’ worries about the upcoming surgery, Summa recalls looking forward to the drive because of the varied shapes and colors of signage along the route.  Exhibited in this show are some of Summa’s sign collection as well as replicas he has made which highlight his phenomenal free hand cutting and lettering skills.    

Featured along with Michael Summa’s signs are the model airplanes of Harry Moore.  Moore is a longtime resident of Blacksburg and an armed services veteran.  After careful research into the aircraft he wants to create, Moore uses recycled material to make scaled replicas of military jets and rocket ships. Harry Moore is especially interested in helping the community heal through art making.

 Flex Exhibit: Sean Stroud

"My name is Sean Stroud, I am currently a senior undergrad student at Virginia Tech.  I am also a landscape photographer, with an immense passion for nature and adventure.  I have been taking pictures  for about 4 years now, working with various publications across campus, and bringing my camera with me on different trips around the country and world. "  

Available for viewing in the corridor adjacent to the Perspective Gallery, 2nd floor Squires through May 1.

Monday: 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Tuesday – Saturday: 12 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Perspective Gallery follows the Virginia Tech schedule and is also closed during holidays and authorized closings.

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Art Reach is Perspective Gallery’s community outreach program which provides visual arts experiences to students and experiential learning opportunities to our gallery assistants and interns. 

Pop Up Events support Art Reach by providing supplies and spontaneous creative events around campus and the surrounding community.