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The Perspective Gallery is committed to exhibiting the finest quality fine art with a special interest in providing art viewing opportunities which pique student curiosity and creates bridges within the academic and world community. The university campus is a unique environment where students are exposed to new and innovative ideas. The role of Perspective Gallery is to enrich the college experience by thought-provoking art exhibitions, programs, and collaborations.

Even when we’re closed, exhibitions are visually available through our perimeter windows, in front, and down the corridor along the side of the gallery.

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Art Reach
Peace Project at SEEDS Blacksburg Nature Center
Thursdays 2-5pm

Summer Pop Ups
Look for Watercolor Wedensdays at the Blacksburg Farmers Market


August 27 - October 13
Pippi Miller: Reiterated Histories

Photography Exhibit

Reception: Friday, August 30, 5 - 7 pm
(Free and open to the public)

“He inhabits these places now, making new memories, a new reiteration of my experiences changed by how I view him in them. They layer on one another, creating a shared existence, stratifying the moments between me, the being I created, the ones who created me, and all the invisible strangers that these trees, these waters, this light bore witness too.” -Pippi Miller


Pippi Miller’s ‘Reiterated Histories,’ is a term she created to explain the art in this exhibit. A native of Central Appalachia, Pippi’s new photographs explore the mundane and extraordinary daily interactions her son has within this world. Many of the places photographed are a part of Pippi’s childhood, a layer of the past now added to memory yet revived and relived by her young son.

October 25 - December 14
The Peace Project

Reception: Friday, October 25, 5 - 7 pm
(Free and open to the public)