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The Perspective Gallery is committed to exhibiting the finest quality fine art with a special interest in providing art viewing opportunities which pique student curiosity and creates bridges within the academic and world community. The university campus is a unique environment where students are exposed to new and innovative ideas. The role of Perspective Gallery is to enrich the college experience by thought-provoking art exhibitions, programs, and collaborations.

Even when we’re closed, exhibitions are visually available through our perimeter windows, in front, and down the corridor along the side of the gallery.


June 8 - July 31, 2021

Place is an invitational juried exhibition for members of the Blacksburg Regional Art Association (BRAA), a regional arts group located in Blacksburg, Virginia. The title has to do with being in a “place” and creating a personal response through the visual arts. In the past year we have all had the opportunity to experience where and how we live, dierently. Whether through lockdown or social distancing, our relationship to “place” has been transformed. “Place” was originally planned to be our summer 2020 exhibition, but the year in between has provided artists with an opportunity to develop unique insights with their connection to place. Artwork submitted is original and created in the artist’s medium of choice lending a personal and vibrant viewpoint.

Jenine Culligan, the curator and director of the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum at Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia was the juror for the exhibit.

Virtual Flex Exhibit: Derek Mueller's Pandemic Beastiary

Derek, a professor in the Virginia Tech English Department, had no background in drawing to speak of when he began the  Pandemic Bestiary series, but the thoughtful gesture for his children turned into a whimsical collection to combat the darkness in challenging times. Sign up to Ask the Artist about his techniques and what inspires him. 

Open for in-person patrons with several changes to promote physical distancing and enhanced cleaning procedures.

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Art Reach is Perspective Gallery’s community outreach program which provides visual arts experiences to students and experiential learning opportunities to our gallery assistants and interns. 

Pop Up Events support Art Reach by providing supplies and spontaneous creative events around campus and the surrounding community.