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The 2017 Gobblerfest helped kick off the fall semester on the Drillfield, welcoming thousands of students, faculty, staff and members of the community back to campus. The festival featured several departments in the Division of Student Affairs, hundreds of student organizations, music, freebies, a food court, and more.

photo from Gobblerfest 2017

At Virginia Tech, we have approximately 800 student organizations that bring excitement, programs, and community to our campus.

There are multiple opportunities for getting involved in these orgs and finding ones that fit your interest on campus. Questions? Feel free to come see us in Student Engagement and Campus Life (Squires Student Center, Rooms 225 and 325).

Student Organization leaders are encouraged to continue operating virtually as they are able. This page is meant to provide you with guidance and resources for working towards your mission virtually.

In order to register for the 2020-2021 academic year and maintain your access to student organization privileges, your student organization must complete all steps of the annual registration process by June 1. Changes have been made in response to COVID-19 measures to prioritize your health and safety while ensuring you still get important information to make your organization successful in the future.

  1. Complete an online compliance training via Canvas: All organizations will receive instructions for joining the course on Monday, March 23rd to their primary contacts listed on GobblerConnect. This training takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, and includes quizzes after each module that require a score of 100% to proceed. Use this link to access the course on Canvas, and click “Join Course” before you begin the modules. If you experience issues when completing the modules, please email
  2. Attend a live-stream training session: All organizations are responsible for attending one session, though there are three options for different types of sessions which determine the type of activity that will be featured in the session. Live stream sessions will be offered via Zoom three times per week starting on April 7th. You will need to RSVP to a session via GobblerConnect to reserve your spot on behalf of the organization for a session as spots are limited. You must be listed on the organization’s roster to RSVP for a session and must have completed the online training prior to attending the session. Only one person is required to attend a session on behalf of each organization and you cannot attend on behalf of multiple organizations. All sessions are posted now on GobblerConnect. No additional sessions will be offered, and no sessions will be offered over the summer or in the fall. Instructions and a link for attending the live stream session will be provided to those who RSVP’d on the day of the training.
  3. Complete the post-training quiz: Following live stream training, you will receive a pass/fail quiz to reinforce content from the training. Once received, you will be sent instructions to complete your registration forms.
  4. Complete and update registration forms: You will update your registration forms and profile on GobblerConnect after completing all previous steps. Approval of this form serves as confirmation that you are registered for the 2020-2021 school year.

Contact for questions.

We are always excited about new clubs and organizations starting at Virginia Tech. The majority of our organizations are Registered Student Organizations (RSO). If you are interested in starting a new organization, please go to GobblerConnect to review existing organizations. If you do not see any existing organizations with the same purpose, read through the following steps to register or review the New Organization Process Overview.

The New Organization Recognition process is open for a limited window during every fall and spring semester. See below for the deadlines for this semester’s window. Please contact Morgen Snowadzky at if you have questions.

Please note: In order to qualify for the new organization process, you need to have at least five founding members who are all current Virginia Tech students and must meet the department’s definition of a student organization: “A group created by and for currently enrolled students that gathers with a specific purpose that contributes the Virginia Tech community and provides opportunities for students in an ongoing way that is not currently present at Virginia Tech.”

Step One: Interested students can fill out a New Organization Interest Form on GobblerConnect. This form will only be available and must be submitted between January 22nd – January 29th in order to be considered for the spring semester; the form will re-open in September for students interested in starting an organization in the fall.

Step Two: After submitting the form, you will be contacted to schedule a New Organization Interest Meeting before February 14th with a member of the Student Organization Development team to discuss your organization and the next steps in the process, including scheduling your New Organization Orientation.

Step Three: At least 3 members must attend a New Organization Orientation in the Source to learn about the processes and procedures of being a student organization, as well as learn about how to set your organization up for success. These sessions will be offered between February 17th – February 25th.

Step Four: Create a New Organization profile on GobblerConnect by February 25th.

Step Five: Meet with an Engagement Ambassador to finalize two goals for your organization’s first year by March 18th

Step Six: All elements of recognition process are reviewed by Student Organization Coordinator and approved organizations will gain Registered Student Organization status on March 20th

Step Seven: Attend a New Organization Mandatory Annual Registration Training (MART) session in the spring semester to maintain recognition for the upcoming year. You will receive a reminder about MART during the spring semester.

**Annual registration is REQUIRED for all student organizations to remain active and recognized by Virginia Tech Student Engagement and Campus Life.

We have four different types of student organizations at Virginia Tech. Each plays a crucial and unique role in helping to build our campus community. Check out the following definitions to see the differences:

  • Registered Student Organization (RSO): a voluntary association of Virginia Tech students that has no direct relationship to the university but upon completion of registration documents is entitled to certain privileges to include operating, meeting, advertising, and participating in activities on the Virginia Tech campus.
  • University Chartered Student Organization (UCSO): an organization comprised primarily of students but which, by constitutional design, has a specifically established direct relationship to the university. This relationship includes, but is not limited to, policy review, special programs, governance, and paid faculty/staff advisers/coaches.
  • University Student Life Program (USLP): an organization comprised primarily or exclusively of students whose activities, operations, and decision making processes are directly governed by academic or administrative departments and for which the university is ultimately responsible.
  • Extended Campus Student Organization (ECSO): a voluntary association of Virginia Tech students at an extended campus location that has no direct relationship to the university but upon completion of registration documents with its extended campus center and receipt of those documents by the Student Activities Office is entitled, pursuant to policies established at its extended campus center, to certain privileges which may include operating, meeting, advertising, and participating in activities on its Virginia Tech extended campus.

Officially listed organizations shall have the priviledge to conduct activities on the campus of Virginia Tech in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Our staff would love to help your organization grow and be successful! If you’re interested in talking to someone from the Student Organization Development team about topics such as conflict management, goal setting or branding, please submit this simple intake form on GobblerConnect.


This form allows us to have helpful information to match you with the correct person on our team, and to prepare resources that meet your needs. After submitting the form, you will be contacted within three business days to schedule your meeting in a timely manner. We also encourage you to stop by The Source when it’s open or email if you have specific student organization questions.