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Student Organizations

At Virginia Tech, we have approximately 800 student organizations that bring excitement, programs, and community to our campus.

There are multiple opportunities for getting involved in these orgs and finding ones that fit your interest on campus. Questions? Feel free to come see us in Student Engagement and Campus Life (Squires Student Center, Rooms 225 and 325).

We are always excited about new clubs and organizations starting at Virginia Tech. All new organizations will be created as Registered Student Organizations (RSO). If you are interested in starting a new organization, please go to GobblerConnect to review existing organizations. If you do not see any existing organizations with the same purpose, read through the steps below. New organizations are required to have a minimum of five founding members and a unique mission or purpose in order to complete the New Organization Recognition Process.

Any group that has missed two or more full registration cycles, and has gone inactive as a result, must complete the New Organization Recognition Process to reactivate their organization at Virginia Tech. If you have questions about the status of your organization, please contact

The New Organization Recognition process is open for limited windows during the year, including twice in the fall semester, once in the spring semester, and once during the summer. See below for the deadlines for the upcoming window. Please contact if you have questions or would like to join our contact list to receive updates for the next recognition window.

Phase One: Intake

Interested students can fill out a New Organization Interest Form on Gobbler Connect. This form will only be available and must be submitted between June 3 at 12 a.m.–June 10 at 11:59 p.m. to be considered for recognition during this period. No late submissions will be accepted.

As part of the interest form, you will schedule a New Organization Interest Meeting between June 11-14 with a member of the Student Organization Development team to discuss your organization and the next steps in the process, including scheduling your New Organization Orientation.

Phase Two: Onboarding

At least 3 members must attend a New Organization Orientation session together to learn about the processes and procedures of being a student organization, as well as learn about how to set your organization up for success. These sessions will be offered from June 17–21 at varying times. Kindly note that there will be no orientation meetings on June 19.

After completing orientation, you will be provided with materials to work through the Organization Wellness Framework and set two SMART goals for your organization. We will be available to offer support throughout the process, including answering outstanding questions about resources and advising on goal setting.

Phase Three: Recognition

Create a New Organization profile on Gobbler Connect and submit your New Organization Goal Form via Gobbler Connect by June 28 at 10 a.m. If reactivating a former organization, you will be added to the existing profile after completing the orientation session. All elements of the recognition process are reviewed by the Student Organization Development team and approved organizations will gain Registered Student Organization status on July 5.

Note: **Annual registration is REQUIRED for all student organizations to remain active and recognized by Virginia Tech Student Engagement and Campus Life.

Each spring, Student Engagement and Campus Life requires all currently recognized student organizations to complete registration requirements to ensure you are aware of updates to policy and processes, to familiarize your new leadership with resources for student organizations, and to update our records with accurate information about all student organizations.

To maintain your status as an active organization in the 2024-2025 Academic Year, including eligibility to participate in Gobblerfest, reserve space on campus, and request funding for organization activities, you must complete the following Annual Registration requirements:

1. Complete all Compliance Modules on Canvas

  • Registered Student Organizations can use this link to join their course.
  • In-person re-registration training for University Charted Student Organizations and University Student Life Programs will be offered in the spring semester. Specific information for these org types will be communicated in April. We ask that you wait to complete the GobblerConnect registration forms until after this training.

2. Submit updated registration forms via GobblerConnect profile

3. Receive approval of Registration forms via GobblerConnect email message that confirms you are registered for the 2024-2025 academic year!

  • To participate in Gobblerfest and start the Fall 2024 semester with full student organization privileges, your organization must complete all the above requirements by the June 1 deadline. We will re-open the registration process in September for organizations that miss this deadline, but you will not have access to student organization privileges, including reserving space and requesting funding, until you complete the registration requirements, and you will not be eligible to participate in Gobblerfest, until after completing the requirements.

If you have questions about the registration requirements, please email

We have four different types of student organizations at Virginia Tech. Each plays a crucial and unique role in helping to build our campus community. Check out the following definitions to see the differences:

  • Registered Student Organization (RSO): a voluntary association of Virginia Tech students that has no direct relationship to the university but upon completion of registration documents is entitled to certain privileges to include operating, meeting, advertising, and participating in activities on the Virginia Tech campus.
  • University Chartered Student Organization (UCSO): an organization comprised primarily of students but which, by constitutional design, has a specifically established direct relationship to the university. This relationship includes, but is not limited to, policy review, special programs, governance, and paid faculty/staff advisers/coaches.
  • University Student Life Program (USLP): an organization comprised primarily or exclusively of students whose activities, operations, and decision making processes are directly governed by academic or administrative departments and for which the university is ultimately responsible.
  • Extended Campus Student Organization (ECSO): a voluntary association of Virginia Tech students at an extended campus location that has no direct relationship to the university but upon completion of registration documents with its extended campus center and receipt of those documents by the Student Activities Office is entitled, pursuant to policies established at its extended campus center, to certain privileges which may include operating, meeting, advertising, and participating in activities on its Virginia Tech extended campus.

Officially recognized organizations shall have the privilege to conduct activities on the campus of Virginia Tech in accordance with established policies and procedures, as outlined in the Good Standing Policy.

Our staff would love to help your organization grow and be successful! If you’re interested in talking to someone from the Student Organization Development team about topics such as conflict management, goal setting or branding, please refer to our Bookings page to set up an appointment.

We also encourage you to stop by The Source when it’s open or email if you have specific student organization questions.

The Org Resource Library

The Org Resource Library is a digital landing space for students to find information on guides, tips, and best practices to help student organizations be successful. This library will continue to grow and evolve as new resources are added. If you have ideas for future resources or any questions about The Org Resource Library, email The Source at

Not Sure How to Start Your Involvement Journey?

Students who aren't quite sure where to start can lean on our Engagement Ambassadors who would love to talk you through the possibilities. Simply submit a questionnaire about your interests and goals on GobblerConnect and we'll connect you with a student to recommend opportunities and discuss the process for getting involved in a student organization or other opportunities.