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Student Budget Board

The Student Budget Board (SBB) is a standing committee of the Commission of Student Affairs (CSA). The board manages the allocation process of a portion of the student activities fee to Registered Student Organizations (RSO), University Chartered Student Organizations (UCSO), and University Student Life Programs (USLP). SBB is a policy board that strives to fund organizations in a fair and equitable manner.

Funds allocated through SBB are meant to enrich the experiences and exposure of the student body (both undergraduate and graduate) during their time at Virginia Tech.

  • The student organization must be registered with Student Engagement and Campus Life (through GobblerConnect) by June 30, 2020, and in good standing with the university. 
    • If an organization is not re-registered by this deadline, the organization will not be able to apply for, or access, any funding for this academic year.  
  • Any individual applying for funding on behalf of an organization, must complete a Funding Workshop prior to applying for funds.
    • Information on Funding Workshops can be found on the tab below.
  • Student Budget Board is guided by their Policy and Procedure documents. These are crucial for the success of SBB as well as our student organizations.

  • It is your responsibility as a student leader to read, review, and adhere to policy and procedure.

  • Please access the appropriate documentation below based on your organization’s classification.
  • With COVID-19, SBB has made changes to their Policy and Procedure to best accommodate student organizations.
    • These are reflected in the Policy and Procedure Addendum document below. Please read thoroughly for all changes.
    • This document will be updated as needed and organization Presidents and Treasurers (as noted by the organization’s GobblerConnect Roster) will be notified.
2020-2021 RSO_USLP Policy and Procedure.pdf
2020-2021 UCSO Policy and Procedure.pdf
2020-2021 SBB Policy and Procedure Addendum.pdf

SBB Funding Workshops will be available online, through Canvas.

*The Funding Workshop will go live on August 17, 2020 at 10 a.m. Please see details below.*

  • Any individual who wants to apply for organizational funding must complete a Funding Workshop.
  • Funding Workshops consist of the following:
    • Watching a video.
    • Completing a quiz on the PowerPoint content.
      • Individuals must achieve a 100% on the quiz to be eligible to apply for funding.
      • You may take the quiz more than once, if needed.
  • It is strongly encouraged that you read through policy and procedure. All organizations are expected to do this.
  • Steps for Accessing the Funding Workshop
    • It can be found on Canvas.
      • Log-in.
      • Click on “Courses” on the left-hand side.
      • Select “All Courses”
      • Then hit click “Browse More Courses” in the right-hand corner
      • Then search, “2020-2021 SBB Funding Workshop”
      • You must enroll in this course in order to complete the quiz
        • Please click (+Join this Course) on the All Courses page or on the Course’s Homepage
  • The Funding Workshop must be completed (with a 100%) PRIOR TO applying for funding.
    • If you apply before completing the workshop, your request will be automatically denied.
  • If you are having trouble with the workshop, please or need accommodations for the workshop, please email us at or call 540-231-4379.

Individuals, on behalf of organizations, cannot apply for funding until a Funding Workshop is successfully completed.

*Applications will go live on Monday, August 24th. Do not apply until you’ve successfully completed a Funding Workshop or your request will be automatically denied.*

  • Once you have completed the Funding Workshop, you can apply through your organization's GobblerConnect page.
    • A detailed description for how to complete applications can be found here.*
      *We are aware that Prezi is not ADA compliant, as it does not work with screen readers. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. While we look to move this to a new platform, if you need accommodations, please reach out
  • All funding requests must be submitted on the appropriate funding form determined by the type of funding you are seeking.

    • This is covered in the Funding Workshop and in Policy and Procedure.

PLEASE NOTE: This process is to be completed online. Forms delivered in person will not be accepted by SBB.

Please follow the steps below for Payments and Reimbursements:

  • The various types of reimbursement forms are located below in the Forms section.
  • First, figure out which form you need. This is reviewed in the Funding Workshop and via a brief description with the form below.
  • Download the form and fill it out digitally.
  • Collect your supporting documentation (receipts, invoices, contracts, etc.) and combine them into one PDF with your Payment Form.
    • If you cannot do this, please combine as many documents as possible.
  • Then, you will fill out the form linked below, and upload all necessary information.
    • This will serve as your submission for payment.
    • Be sure to click through all the way to the end to ensure you’ve submitted it.


As mentioned in the Funding Workshops, this year there are 3 different types of payment processing forms for RSOs and USLPs, depending on the type of payment you are seeking. Please see below for details.

  • UCSOs, please see your form below.

Each of the forms does require an e-signature. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please contact

Reimbursement Payment Processing Form

This form should be used for individuals or organizations seeking reimbursement for payments.

20-21 PPF Reimbursement (e-signature).pdf

Invoice (or Department) Payment Processing Form

This form should be used to pay vendor and/or departmental invoices for events.

20-21 PPF Invoice Payment (e-signature).pdf

Contracted Performer Payment Processing Form

This form should be used to pay contracted performers who are being contracted for events.

  • *Note- Organizations cannot pay performers and then be reimbursed. SBB must pay the performer directly
20-21 PPF Contracted Guest (e-signature).pdf

UCSO Payment Processing Form

This form should be used for UCSO payments only.

20-21 PPF UCSO (e-signature).pdf

Additional forms that are needed can be found below.

W-9 (needed for Contracted Performers and to pay invoices)

Please email to see if we already have a W-9 for your vendor on file.

W-9 Form.pdf

20 Questions

This form needs to be filled out by the student organization for the contracted performer they are brining.

SBB cannot pay for Virginia Tech employees to be contracted out for special events (i.e. a guest speaker, a lecturer, etc.). If you wish to do that, those funds cannot come from SBB.

20 Questions.pdf

With changes to operations for COVID-19, please see below for how to best engage the Chair of Budget Board and Student Budget Board staff to help with any needs you may have.

General, Quick Questions:

Questions for The Chair of SBB (applying for funds, Funding Workshop, Policy and Procedures

  • The Chair for 2020-2021 is Alec Bradfield and the Vice Chair is Sahil Gullapalli.
  • If you would like to connect with either of them, please email: and he will answer your question or set up a time to meet via Zoom.

Questions about Payments

  • Lynn McPeak serves as our Student Budget Board Administrative Associate
  • She can help answer questions about payments for your events.
  • You can book a time to meet with her via Zoom here.
  • You can also email simple questions to: