The Student Budget Board (SBB) is a standing committee of the Commission of Student Affairs (CSA). The board manages the allocation process of a portion of the student activities fee to Registered Student Organizations (RSO), University Chartered Student Organizations (UCSO), and University Student Life Programs (USLP). SBB is a policy board that strives to fund organizations in a fair and equitable manner.

Funds allocated through SBB are meant to enrich the experiences and exposure of the student body (both undergraduate and graduate) during their time at Virginia Tech.

  • The student organization must be re-registered with Student Engagement and Campus Life (through GobblerConnect) by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 7, 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

    • If an organization is not re- registered by this deadline, the organization will not be able to apply for, or access, any funding for this academic year.

  • Any organization applying for funding, must complete a Funding Workshop prior to applying for funds.

    • Information on Funding Workshops can be found on the tab below.

This year, SBB Funding Workshops will be available online, through Canvas.

*Instructions for this year’s Funding Workshop will be available by Wednesday, August 15th. Each organization’s President and Treasurer will receive an email about details.*

  • Any individual who wants to apply for organizational funding must complete a Funding Workshop.
    • Note: This is different from past years.
      • In the past, only one person from each organization was required to attend.
      • Now, if you wish to apply, you must individually complete a Funding Workshop
  • Funding Workshops consist of the following:
    • Watching a video.
    • Completing a quiz on the PowerPoint content.
      • Individuals must achieve a 100% on the quiz to be eligible to apply for funding.
      • You may take the quiz more than once, if needed.
  • Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that you read through policy. All organizations and
  • Be checking your email and this site for updates.
  • Information on Funding Applications can be found below

Organizations cannot apply for funding until a Funding Workshop is successfully completed.

*Applications will go live on Monday, August 20th. Do not apply until you’ve taken a funding workshop*

  • Once you have completed a Funding Workshop, you may apply for funds through the GobblerConnect online portal found here.

  • All funding requests must be submitted on the appropriate funding form determined by the type of funding you are seeking.

    • This is covered in the Funding Workshop.

  • Again, any individual who wants to apply for organizational funding must complete a Funding Workshop prior to applying for funds.

  • Student Budget Board is guided by their Policy and Procedure documents. These are crucial for the success of SBB as well as our student organizations.

  • It is your responsibility as a student leader to read, review, and adhere to policy and procedure

  • This year, SBB has split the policies and procedures into two documents to make it easier for people to read.

    • Policy—outlines funding categories, amounts and maximums for requests, what can and cannot be asked for, etc.

    • Procedure—outlines how to apply for funding, how to get reimbursed, how to appeal decisions, etc.

  • Please access the appropriate documentation below based on your organization’s classification.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Budget Board in the following ways:

The Chair of Student Budget Board, Rob Ethridge, is also available.