Lost and Found

Student Engagement and Campus Life utilizes the web application Crowdfind to manage our lost and found inventory. The Crowdfind system can be searched and you can file a claim for an item at any time from any device!

Looking for an Item?

To inquire about a lost item that may be in our lost and found:

  1. Check the Crowdfind database for your lost item.
  2. If your item isn’t listed, please file a claim.

Note: The physical lost and found inventory cannot be searched at any time. Individuals must provide an adequate description and fill out the claim form through Crowdfind before the item will be shown to a claimant.

Claiming an Item:

Individuals claiming an item must fill out the form associated with their item on our database. This can be done by clicking “details” under the image of the item and answering the questions. An SECL staff member will either message you with a “match”, ask for additional information or reject your claim if sufficient information isn’t given.

Please allow 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday) for a confirmation or rejection of a match.

Once a “match” has been made, claimants may pick up their items at the Squires Welcome Center.

Any items that have been secured in the safe (state issued identification, wallets/purses, cash, bankcards, government passports) can only be picked up Monday through Friday between 9:00am-6:00pm at the Squires Welcome Center.

Claimants must provide a photo identification that matches the information filled out on the claim form. Contact information will be logged before the item(s) will be released.

Lost and Found Policy

SECL Lost and Found Policy.pdf

Lost and Found Information for Departments:

Squires Welcome Center will accept lost and found items from other buildings and departments on campus if turned in within two (2) weeks of the item being found. Items that have been held for longer the 120 day period will not be accepted. Departments will need to coordinate directly with the Virginia Tech Surplus Property Office and Warehouse to surplus those items.

SECL will not pick up any items from buildings that are not SECL managed facilities. Departments will be responsible for dropping the items off at Squire Student Center Welcome Center. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Assistant Director of Operations.

Items can be sent via campus mail as long as they don’t contain any personally identifiable information. Items containing personally identifiable information (State or federal identification, wallets/purses, government issued passports, credit cards, etc.) must be dropped off by the department initially holding the item.

Departments with questions regarding lost and found should contact squiresinfo@vt.edu.

Submitting Items, in bulk, to the Squires Lost and Found:

All lost and found deliveries must include the detailed inventory list. Deliveries without an Inventory List will NOT be accepted. Information that must be included on the inventory list.

  1.  Date when the item(s) were found.
  2.  Location where the item(s) were found.
  3.  Person/Department delivering the items with accurate contact information.

Items not accepted by Lost and Found:

  • Wet or soiled clothing or undergarments
  • Alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, etc. of any kind
  • Food items
  • Prescription/over the counter medication
  • Toiletries or powders
  • Full water bottles, coffee mugs or other liquid filled containers
    • Please empty these containers prior to bringing them to Lost and Found
  • Bicycles – Individuals must contact Virginia Tech Police Department directly.
  • Anything received that could cause potential harm or health risk to SECL employees or property.