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Virginia Tech Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing provides many resources to those seeking a living space outside of the university residence halls.

Available resources include: apartment guides, and detailed information about apartment and realty companies in the Blacksburg area. Website users can find detailed information about people looking for or offering housing, ways to research options, roommates, furniture for sale, or ride requests.

The Virginia Tech Off-Campus Housing office will provide virtual services for the University community during the Fall 2020 semester. 

  •  You can send us an e-mail at or leave us a voicemail (540-231-3466) with your contact information. Student and professional staff are responding to e-mail and voicemail inquiries daily (M-F). Please give us 1-2 business days to get back to you.
  • Virtual appointments/office hours are available every week, and availability is updated regularly on this calendar. If you cannot make one of these appointment times, please e-mail us.

While Off-Campus Housing works in close partnership with local leasing companies, these companies are private businesses and each sets its own policies. That said, there are a few pieces of guidance we’d like to offer students with questions about their off-campus leases this semester because of the coronavirus outbreak.

If you are seeking to end your lease early or need more flexible options on your rent payment, start by reaching out to your property management company. Every company will have a different approach, so don’t assume yours will or won’t be willing to work with you.

If your property manager says they cannot accommodate your request around your lease or rent payment needs, the best resource available for advice is Student Legal Services. This office is funded by your student fees and offers legal guidance for students, for example around leases and contracts. Their website recommends calling or e-mailing to set up an appointment as they are now operating virtually. Their phone number is 540-231-4720 and their e-mail is

If you are experiencing financial hardship, the Dean of Students’ office may be able to help. This website has more information on their Emergency Assistance Fund for students, and you can also reach out to their office through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 540-231-3787
  • After Hours/Weekends, 365 days a year: 540-231-6411, press 1

Off-Campus Housing Tips & Tools

On Campus vs Off Campus Housing.pdf

Virginia Tech does not own any of the off-campus housing properties.  Properties are owned or managed by external companies/individuals.

However, you can use your student loans to pay for off-campus housing.  But keep in mind, loans usually do not disperse until several weeks into the semester, and a deposit and the first month’s rent as well as any fees for setting up utilities will be due prior.  You will need to contact the Financial Aid office to gather specific information in regards to your loans and the options you have.

When Looking for Housing.pdf

There is an incredibly early housing market in Blacksburg. There are only a few properties located on the perimeter of campus.  However, most properties are within a 2 mile radius.  And, almost all properties are on the bus route, which is the most common means of transportation.

Most students begin to search (and sign leases) for off-campus housing in October for the following Fall (nearly a year in advance).  This guarantees their top choice.  Properties within walking distance, one bedrooms, and newer properties typically lease out the quickest.

However, it is never too late to find housing in this area.  There are always vacancies; even with increased enrollment.  We also are experiencing a lot of growth in off-campus properties. 

Use this guide to organize your off-campus housing search!

Housing Questionnaire.pdf
Safe Off-Campus Housing Tips.pdf

Blacksburg is generally a very safe place to live.  However, you may want to visit this Blacksburg Police Dept. website to learn specifics on any crime activity.  You can also contact the Blacksburg Police Department at 540-961-1150.

Keep yourself in the know about the laws and rights of renting.

Renter Rights.pdf

Do you need renters insurance? Probably and check out this guide to find out why!

Renters Insurance Guide.pdf
Short-Term Housing List.pdf

Below is an example standard lease. Most often the lease is going to be a 12 month lease.  However, sometimes it is possible to find a shorter lease, but not common.

Since the lease is a legally binding contract; you are responsible for the payment of the rent, even if you do intend to live on the property for the full lease period.  You should first check with your property manager to determine your options.  Most of the time you are able to sublet to another individual.

Student Legal Services, located in Squires Student Center (Room 143), can and will look over your actual lease.  Student Legal Services is a free services provided to any Virginia Tech Student on the Blacksburg campus where you can get free legal advice from a licensed attorney.

Standard Leasing Agreement.pdf

If you plan to not live in a unit you have signed a lease for, you will likely find yourself in need of a sublet.  You must first check with your property manager, and determine if subletting is permitted.  If so, you may list it on our website for free, as long as you are a current Virginia Tech Student.  You must create a user name and password to navigate the site, and must use your email address.  From there, you may follow the prompts to post.  However; it is highly advised that you make an appointment with Student Legal Services before signing a sublet agreement- as it is a legally binding contract.

Sublease Agreement.pdf

A roommate agreement is a legally binding document, which is extremely useful when signing a joint lease.  You and all your roommates will sign the roommate agreement that outlines the relationship between tenants; to include how rent and utilities are to be paid.  You can make an appointment with Student Legal Services for assistance in creating a Roommate Agreement. 

 If issues arise, Student Conduct can set up a mediation session between you and your roommates, and see if your differences can be resolved.  If the differences are irreconcilable, you may want to contact Student Legal Services to determine further options. 

Roommate Agreement.pdf

You can visit our website to search for a roommate.  All you have to do is create a profile; you can then search the profiles of others and you will be searchable.