Conduct Status

Please see the important information below from our colleagues in Fraternity and Sorority Life:

Below you will find information regarding the status of each chapter based on findings determined through a review by Student Conduct through either an agreed resolution or formal hearing. The date in parentheses is when the status expires. An "active santion status" can include any of the following statuses:

Probation (PR) Student organizations are notified that their status with the university for a specified period of time is such that further violations of university policy will result in being considered for loss of recognition from the university. If at the end of the specified time period no further violations have occurred, the organization is removed from probationary status.

Deferred Suspension (DS) In some cases, a sanction of loss of recognition may be held in abeyance for a specified period. This means that, if the organization is found responsible for any violation during that period, they will be subject to the deferred sanction without further review in addition to the disciplinary action appropriate to the new violation. During this time, student organizations may be prohibited from participating in any social functions.

Loss of Recognition (LOR) Organization is notified that it is separated from the university for a specified period of time and not permitted to operate on campus. Permission must be granted by Fraternity and Sorority Life to be recognized again at Virginia Tech following the end of this status.

For further information on what each status and policy violation is please consult the Hokie Handbook.