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Forms and Guidelines

If applying to serve alcohol, the following three items must be submitted together 21 business days prior to the event: a Virginia Tech Alcohol Beverage Request Form, proof of Virginia ABC State Licensure (apply online to the state of Virginia 60 days prior to the event), and University Security Form. In order to be considered, the location requested must be a self-contained area not open to the public and without public access. Insurance will also be required.

Amplification in or around academic buildings is permitted during the following hours:

  • Monday through Friday amplification is allowed between the hours of 5 - 9:30 p.m.
  • Saturday amplification is allowed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Sunday amplification is allowed between the hours of noon and 9:30 p.m.

Amplification in or around residence halls is permitted during the following hours:

  • Amplification is not allowed Sunday through Thursday
  • Friday amplification is allowed between the hours of 5 - 10 p.m.
  • Saturday amplification is allowed between the hours of 11 a.m. and 10 p.m.

See Policy 5000 for more information.

Campus Common Space refers to all lobbies, foyers and atriums located within academic facilities and outdoor spaces reserved by Event Services. This does not include Rec Sports, Athletics, The Inn at Virginia Tech, or Moss Arts Center outdoor spaces.

Campus Common Space Reservation Guidelines:

In accordance with Virginia Tech Policy 5000, Campus Common Space events may not be continuous or repetitive in nature. All events are limited to three (3) consecutive days to allow other organizations to have at least two (2) consecutive days in the same week.

Additional Location Specific or Activity Guidelines may apply.

Unscheduled Use of a Campus Common Space:

An Event Host who has reserved a Campus Common Space is entitled to exclusive use of that space during the reservation time. Unscheduled or conflicting use of space during a reservation time may not be permitted, and individuals whose use conflicted with the scheduled use will be required to leave the area.

Looking for a Campus Common Space that is not listed on the Reservable Space Map?

The space you are attempting to reserve may not be reservable or we do not know who reserves it.

All aerial fireworks/pyrotechnics are subject to the requirements of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and the National Fire Protection Association. A permit for these activities must be submitted to the Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO). This guide applies to all Event Sponsors that may organize an event including the use of aerial fireworks or pyrotechnics on university property. There are no exceptions to this policy as the permits are issued by the SFMO

Fireworks can only occur on the West side of the Drillfield and your reservation must begin at 12pm on the day of the event. If you are interested in having fireworks or other pyrotechnics as a part of your event, please contact the Event Services Office directly prior to signing any contracts with a pyrotechnics company AND submit a Campus Common Space Form at least 30 business days in advance.

Please note: failure to comply with any of the steps listed in the linked guidelines may result in event cancelation.

Insurance is required for all events serving food and/or beverages that are open to the general public (regardless if a Temporary Food Establishment Permit is required or not). A Certificate of Insurance is due 10 business days prior to the event

A Temporary Food Establishment Permit is also required when an event is serving food and is open to the general public (unrestricted attendance). Temporary Food Establishment Permits require 10 days to process. Pre-packaged foods (popsicles, chips, candy, etc.) and bake sales are exceptions.

Events that are closed to the general public do not require a Temporary Food Establishment Permit or Insurance.

The Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application can be found online at the Virgina Department of Health website.

Questions regarding Temporary Food Establishments should call the Montgomery County Health Department at 540-585-3300.

If you would like to have food trucks as a part of an event on campus, please fill out the linked form.

Please let your Reservations Coordinator know if you have any questions.

A Certificate of Insurance (see guidelines in the form below for an example) will be required for all “high-risk activities” 10 business days prior to event.

A Late-Night Party is defined as any event that extends beyond normal building hours, has over 100 attendees, and has a DJ/band/music. Late Night Parties require additional security and have additional guidelines that must be followed.

Major Entertainment is defined as any event for which there are contracted performers valued at or above $5,000 AND which takes place in the following campus locations: Burruss Auditorium, Cassell Coliseum, Commonwealth Ballroom, Colonial Hall, Haymarket Theatre, GLC Auditorium, GLC Multipurpose Room, Rector Fieldhouse, War Memorial Gym, or Campus Common Spaces. Such events include but are not limited to concerts, speakers, lectures, theatrical performances, and comedians. If entertainment-based programs are advertised off campus and are open to the general public, the program may be considered a major entertainment event regardless of whether admission fees are charged. Anticipated audience size, target audience, complexity of the contract, security and safety, magnitude and promotion of the event, the contract price, and history of the artist are factors considered in defining major entertainment. Major Entertainment may not be for personal proprietary gain.


Open burning is defined as any open/exposed flame that could cause a fire. Examples of open burning are: candles, bonfires, artwork involving flames, and pyrotechnics of any kind. An Open Burn Request Form must be filled out 10 business days prior to the event for approval. A Student Engagement and Campus Life Security Form will be required in addition to the open burn permit for major burning (21 business days prior to event). Insurance will also be required. If you would like fireworks to be a part of your event, please contact Event Services so we can discuss the process.

There is a rental fee for all equipment, and charges will be billed to the sponsoring department/organization. Equipment available for use include white plastic chairs, black chairs, and 6-foot tables. The student organization/department is responsible for the transport, set-up, and return of all rented equipment.

Please come to the Welcome Center at Squires Student Center to check out the equipment requested through Event Services. Contact information will be required to check out the equipment. The client is responsible for the transport, set-up, and return of all rented equipment. Equipment will be picked up at Loading Dock B once finished at the Welcome Center.

Equipment not returned within 30 minutes (or the agreed upon time) of the end of the reservation may incur additional fees and may result in the denial of future reservations and/or further sanctioning.

Please verify that your equipment rental does not conflict with Squires building hours, if it does, you may need to pick the equipment up the day prior and/or keep the equipment over night to return the next day. This could potentially be a 3 day rental (all days will be billed).

Production Services provides sound, lighting, video, and rigging assistance to events held in all major venues (Burruss Auditorium, Colonial Hall, Commonwealth Ballroom, Haymarket Theatre, Old Dominion Ballroom, and many other campus locations).

If your event requires use of any technical services, please be sure to inform your event planner so an appointment referral with Production Services can be arranged. Production must be requested 30 business days in advance of the event date.

Contact us at: 540-231-3499 or

The Virginia Tech Police Department provides security at numerous events all across campus. We will help to determine your security needs based on the specific event. Activities that may require security typically involve, but are not limited to, one or more of the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Large groups of people, particularly those involving non-university affiliated guests;
  • Activities that have the potential to disrupt the normal operation of the university;
  • Activities which occur on the same date as other major university events (such as Athletic games, concerts, commencement, etc.);
  • A metal detector; and/or
  • Sensitive or high-profile topics or speakers/guests.

The following types of events will not ordinarily require the attendance of police officers or security personnel: organizational meetings, speakers, most films, and low-attendance student performances. However, sponsors are expected to be sensitive to the need for security in unusual circumstances.

If your organization is required or would like security for an event, sponsors must submit the below security form to Event Services no less than 21 business days prior to the event.

Securing a Tent Permit is the responsibility of the client.

Tent Permits are mandatory for all tents erected on Virginia Tech property that are larger than 900 square feet. Multiple tents with square footage of more than 900 square feet will need to submit a Tent Permit as well. Requests must be submitted 21 business days prior to the event. Please visit for more information.

In addition, the client is responsible for contacting Miss Utility no less than 5 days prior to the erection of any staked tents (to have all underground lines marked). This service can be reached by calling (800) 552-7001.

Any event occurring in a venue operated by Student Engagement and Campus Life that intends to sell tickets is required to use the Student Engagement and Campus Life Ticket Office.

Trash receptacles (both regular and recycling bins) may be requested for outdoor events at no additional cost to client by contacting Event Services.

Turf permits are required for the display of vehicles and/or large items on grass or plazas. A charge of $50 per permit will be charged in advance of the event (paid directly to Parking Services). Parking Services may be contacted via phone at 540-231-3200 or email