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Undergraduate Student Senate Transition Team

Learn more about the Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) Transition Team

The 12-person USS Transition Team is responsible for the creation of foundational documents, processes, and ways of operating that help usher in a positive future for the undergraduate student voice.

Watch the Transition Team Presentation

Thomas Miller, Student Life Council Chair and Miles Guth, Student Government Association President presented about the organization, members, and transition to the Virginia Tech community on March 23.

Meet the Transition Team

Adyan Atiq (He/Him)
First Year at Virginia Tech
General Engineering intending Industrial and Systems Engineering

"I am eagerly looking forward to working with this amazingly talented and diverse team of passionate individuals, motivated to design an inclusive, robust, and transparent Student Senate. I am confident that the Transition Team and the new Student Senate will do an outstanding job becoming a trailblazing model of shared governance for others to follow."

Ally Jet (She/Her)
Second Year at Virginia Tech
Inustrial and Systems Engineering

"I am excited to help make our student government a diverse and truly inclusive organization, capable of bettering our already incredible community here at Virginia Tech."

James "Jimmy" Heagerty (He/Him)
Third Year at Virginia Tech
Finance and Economics

"I am excited to work to innovate a new and an inclusive model of student government for all free thinkers, leaders, and everyday students who want to not just see their voices be heard but watch action be taken."

Jarrett Toothman (He/Him)
Third Year at Virginia Tech
Political Science

I am excited..."To be able to make a more equitable and inclusive government for all students at Virginia Tech."

Jimmy Lowe (He/Him)
First Year at Virginia Tech
Business Information Technology

"I am most excited to help make campus a more inclusive and engaging place for everyone."

Joe Lichtenstein (He/Him)
Second Year at Virginia Tech
Political Science

I am excited about..."The creation of a functional and accessible system constituted by verified and trustable mechanisms to allow for effective student governance."

Mallory Fields (She/Her)
First Year at Virginia Tech


"I'm excited to meet new people and build both personal and professional relationships, I'm excited to help make the process of transitioning to a student senate as easy as possible, and I'm excited to truly get involved on campus and show some Hokie spirit!"


Miles Guth (He/Him)
Second Year at Virginia Tech
Biomedical Sciences

"I am most excited to build a new student government entity with the help of a fantastic group of student leaders who share my passion and drive for serving the students of VT!"

Rose Moss (She/Her)
Third Year at Virginia Tech
Building Construction and Real Estate

"I am most excited to be part of something larger than myself that is for the good of my peers."

Sara Wynkoop (She/Her)
Second Year at Virginia Tech
Finance and Management

I am most excited to be..."Fostering a culture of inclusivity and accountability as well as a foundation that students will want to join for years and years to come."


Sherlock S. Banks II (He/Him)
Third Year (1st Year Transfer) at Virginia Tech
Civil Engineering

"First, I'm most excited to see the implementation of the newly designed governing documents. Second, I can't wait to build the foundational chemistry of the USS with the 11 members on the team!"


Sydney Livingston (She/Her)
Second Year at Virginia Tech
Political Science Major and Integrated Security Minor

"I'm thrilled to be apart of a bigger end goal that will leave a lasting impression on the hokie community. As for achievements, I would love to aide in improving students overall experience here at Virginia Tech."