Advance Reservations are a great way for your organization or department to ensure optimal programming during the next academic year!

Annually, during the spring semester upon release of the football schedule, the Event Planning Office accepts Advance Reservation requests for the upcoming academic year. Advance Reservation requests are only accepted for major venues.

Advance Reservation Process

  1. An email will be sent to every authorized contact for every currently registered student organization and department on campus with the date that the Advance Reservation Form will open.
  2. Organizations and Departments should then be deciding spaces, dates, and times for next academic year’s events. Please keep in mind that planning for 2nd and 3rd choice spaces, dates, and times is very important as well.
  3. Once the Advance Reservation Form is open, organizations and departments will have from 8am Monday morning to 5pm Friday afternoon of that week to submit completely filled out forms ONLY via email at
  4. Once all forms are turned in, the Event Planning Office will take great measures to ensure that reservations are made to the fullest of the requestor’s wishes.
  5. Event Planning will send confirmations of all reservations to the event requestor before the end of the spring semester.
  6. Requestors will sign and return the confirmations to Event Planning within 5 days of receipt with the following information:
    • Yes, this reservation is acceptable.
    • No, this reservation is not acceptable and I would like to schedule a meeting to discuss further options.
    • I would like to cancel this reservation.
  7. Requestors should plan to meet with an Event Planning Advisor at least 6 weeks prior to their event during the following academic year.

Please Note: If you are a member of a student organization and will be graduating during the spring, please ensure that all Advanced Reservation Requests are discussed with the next academic year’s board.