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June 2    Opening Reception & Art Walk

The paintings in Michael Farrar’s Travelers and Other Nurds include invented characters that are curious and memorable in their actions; even if what they are doing is not immediately apparent.   Farrar’s titles lead you a little further into his alternative reality where life is explored through the foibles, missteps and clever irony of the characters he paints. The often humorous and poignant subject matter offer the viewer a detour from his or her own reality in a refreshing and openly honest manner. 

Farrar has received more than sixty awards, prizes, and ribbons and is a signature member of the Virginia, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania Watercolor Societies.  He regularly exhibits at galleries, fine arts festivals and juried competitions across the country. Farrar’s work is held in national and international corporate and private collections.


September 1 Opening Reception & Art Walk
Open Table: TBD

Along the Spice Route, curated by Paula Golden and Ann Reardon, is an exhibit of 41 wall-quilts designed and created by 41 artists interpreting a spice used in cooking today and showing something about its country of origin.  In addition to the artistic interpretation of a spice, the goal of the exhibit is to provide education on the origins of spices and the importance of early trade routes and the connection between countries.  The artists in this exhibit have interesting and varied career and educational backgrounds. Gallery programming will include an artist’s lecture, art reception, several community tables where a food sharing experience based on the spices in this exhibit are explored in a culinary setting. 


Reception: November 3,  5 – 7 p.m.
Program: The forest as community.  TBD

The Forest is an exhibit which explores the subtle connections between things unseen yet which are all dependent upon each other for life.  An experience based on nuance and the powers of observation, the installation combines technology and traditional art forms to help the viewer connect to the power of fleeting moments that may occur while on forest walk.