BreakZONE has 8 synthetic regulation sized bowling lanes, state-of-the-art AMF pinsetters, bumper lanes, 32" LCD monitors, and an automatic scoring system.

USBC Certified Lanes

Synthetic Lanes with Bumpers

Glow Carpet & Lighting

8-Pin No-Tap Bowling Guidelines

Knock eight pins down on your first turn of each frame and it counts as a strike.

9-Pin No-Tap Bowling Guidelines

Knock nine pins down on your first turn of each frame and it counts as a strike.

3-6-9 Bowling Guidelines

This method is great for beginners or even a little friendly competition. You will automatically receive one strike in your 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames.

Standard Bowling Guidelines

Standard bowling is also known as "ten-pin" bowling. Each lane consists of 10 bowling pins. Each player gets two turns (a frame) to roll a bowling ball (weight & size of your choice) down the lane to knock over as many pins as possible. AMF bowling lanes only allow eight players per lane. There are a total of 10 frames with the opportunity for up to three turns in the last (10th) frame. You can only earn three turns on the last frame if you roll a strike or a spare in the first two turns.

Standard Bowling Terminology

Strike – A strike is your goal. It is when you hit all of the ten pins down on the first turn. For a strike, a player gets 10 points, plus a bonus. The exact bonus depends on what that person scores with the next two balls (i.e., if the next two balls were gutter balls, there will not be a bonus applied).

  • Double– two strikes in a row
  • Turkey– three consecutive strikes
  • Four-bagger– four consecutive strikes
  • Spare– By the end of the second turn in a frame, all 10 pins have been knocked down. Worth 10 points plus a bonus of the points scored with the next ball.
  • Pinsetter– the machine that sets the pins up in their perfect triangular formation