Burrus Venue photo

For more information on this venue please review the Tech Packet

Venue Production Policies:

  • This venue is a non-smoking venue and alcohol is not to be served at any event held in this venue (this is a non-negotiable university policy).
  • There is a performance curfew of midnight.
  • The Virginia Tech Police have the authority to be anywhere in the venue at any time.
  • Any use of any pyrotechnics, smoke machines, fog machines, open flames or other similar environmental/pyrotechnic is prohibited in this hall.
  • The back hallway cross over must remain clear of equipment for fire code compliance.

Venue Production Information

  • Seating Capacity: 2975
  • Stage Dimensions: 40’ deep x 58’ wide (not including wing space)
  • Proscenium Opening: 58’ wide x 16’11” tall
    Apron: 5’10” lip to Main Drape 
  • Support Areas:
    • Crossover:
      Available up-stage of the back black, or a hallway that runs upstage of the back wall, with access upstage right and left.
    • Stage Access:
      FOH: There is a set of stairs on stage right and left that lead to the stage. These stairs are removable.
    • Dressing rooms:
      One entrance from the dressing rooms on stage right and stage left, on stage level.
      • There is an access door upstage right and left.

Sound Notes:

  • Due to the age of the system, only house staff will operate house sound equipment. For most large shows, we rent what is needed to meet your needs. Any connections to the house system are at the local production manager’s discretion. >NO ROCK AND ROLL STYLE SHOWS WILL BE AMPLIFIED THROUGH THIS SYSTEM
  • Combination of B&C, Eminence Beta-8A and Eminence Kilomax drivers installed in 3 clusters, time delayed and processed as needed.

Lighting Notes:

  • 2 Lycian 2.5Kw Metal Halide spotlights available. Located in a booth in the rear center of the house. Through distance from spot booth is 148’-0”
  • Full stage wash available with various Altman fixtures

Contact Production Services for further information about this venue

Directions to Venue: To reach campus from Interstate 81 (southbound and northbound):

  • Take Exit 118, which has ramps to several different Christiansburg and Blacksburg exits. Take Exit 118B onto U.S. 460 West; this ramp connects directly to the Christiansburg Bypass. Follow the signs for Blacksburg/Virginia Tech.
  • Drive for 9.6 miles on U.S. 460 to the Prices Fork Road exit for "Downtown." From east U.S. 460 take Prices Fork Rd. exit & turn left at end of exit ramp.
  • Turn right at the third light - Toms Creek Rd. / Stranger St.
  • Turn right at the top of the hill - Old Turner St., just before McBride Hall.
  • Loading dock is to the left at the end of the parking lot.
  • Most tractor trailers have to back down Old Turner Street