The Event Planning Office processes reservations for events in Large Event Spaces (Major Venues), Meeting Room Spaces (Squires Student Center and Johnston Student Center), and Public Spaces (Outdoor Spaces and Atriums, Lobbies, and Balconies in Academic Facilities) around Virginia Tech’s campus.  The office also processes Advertising Reservations (A-Frames and Banners in multiple spaces around campus and Chalkboards in Squires) and Outdoor Equipment (Tables and Chairs).

Learn more about the Event Planning reservation processes here:

The Event Planning Office uses EMS (Event Management System).  You can use our online version, the Virginia Tech EMS Web App, to find availability and make reservations for Major Venues, Meeting Rooms, and Advertising on campus.

Below are the instructions for using the Virginia Tech EMS Web App system to create an account, check availability, and make reservations online.

Visit the Virginia Tech EMS Web App.

Other Reservation Areas: