Gobblerfest is an annual festival intended to engage students in campus activities and connect with the surrounding community while inspiring curiosity, civility and self-understanding.

Check out the Gobblerfest website for more information.


GobblerNights is a late night series (9pm-1am)  designed to provide fun, entertaining, and engaging activities to meet the needs of VT Students, and best of all they are FREE! We offer a variety of programs and look forward to seeing you at a GobblerNights soon!

  • November 10, 2017
  • February 9, 2018

Study @ Squires

Come to Squires from reading day through finals for great opportunities to study, relax, and relieve some stress. Study @ Squires is a finals study program that includes stress relieving activities, snacks, and most of Squires being open 24 hours for your studying needs. Be sure to check it out in December!

Additional Events

  • 18: Bowling Leage Night, BreakZONE
  • 19: Trivia Night, 6-8pm, BreakZONE
  • 24: Grocery Bingo, 6-8pm, BreakZONE
  • 25: Bowling League Night, BreakZONE
  • 27: Billiard Tournament, BreakZONE
  • 27: Free Trip to The Haunted Gallows, 7-11pm (register on GobblerConnect)
  • 1: Bowling League Nights, BreakZONE
  • 3: The Forest opening reception, 5-7pm, Perspective Gallery
  • 3: Table Tennis Tournament, BreakZONE
  • 7: Grocery Bingo, 6-8pm, BreakZONE
  • 8: Bowling League Nights, BreakZONE
  • 10: GobblerNights; 9pm-1am
  • 15: Bowling League Nights, BreakZONE
  • 16: Trivia Night, 6-8pm, BreakZONE
  • 4: Bowling Tournament, BreakZONE
  • 14,15, 17, 18: Study @ Squires

Student Engagement and Campus Life

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