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What is GobblerConnect?

GobblerConnect is an online organization management system for students, faculty, and staff at Virginia Tech. Students are required to establish and maintain organizations on campus using this system. 

  • GobblerConnect is very useful for documenting the history of your organization on one site that all members, both current and alumni can access continually.
  • The opportunities board provides your organization with an opportunity to share upcoming events and discover programs that other organizations are hosting around the Virginia Tech campus.
  • During orientation, incoming students are encouraged to search for organizations they are interested in joining on GobblerConnect. Having an updated profile will appeal to these prospective members
  • Creating events on GobblerConnect will help with planning and keep track of event attendance using the RSVP option

Once you have created an organization profile you can access the following features:

  • News - provide updates to the campus or just members of your organization by creating articles
  • Events - create events that will appear on the home page opportunities board and maintain a calendar for potential and current members to view and RSVP
  • Roster - keep track of members and the ability to manage officer positions, invite new members, and send messages
  • Photo Gallery - collect the memories and milestones of the organization over years
  • Documents - upload useful and current documents such as the organization constitution/ bylaws, training materials/ handbooks, transition of power, etc.
  • Forms - create and manage applications which can be accessed by members, officers, or the entire campus at the discretion of the form designer
  • Elections - create and run officer elections for the upcoming year
  • Manage - maintain the look and feel of the organization profile