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Closing Reception: October 21, 2016, 6pm to 8pm

Duane Paxsonʼs sculpture exhibit titled Malelingue, literally “bad tongues” in Italian, or “accusers,” is a kind of symbolic representation of the Salem witch trials, that during the 17th century sent women of doubtful guilt to their deaths. Highly abstracted, these accusers are standing works struggling with LaStrega, the “witches,” as though pulling them apart, similar to Medieval torture. “Accusation,” the artist contends, “is very difficult to escape. No matter how you try to exonerate yourself it is almost impossible to prove your innocence.” Malelingue represents Duane Paxsonʼs work as the Southeastern College Art Conference 2015 Fellowship recipient. 

Aviva Rahmani creates ecological art projects which are collaborative and transdisciplinary.  As part of the Gulf to Gulf project, which studies the effects of climate change from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Maine, Blued Trees is meant to effect public policy with art.   Working with community members, scientists, cartographers, artists, lawyers and environmentalists, hundreds of trees have been painted with a blue sine wave using non-toxic buttermilk paint at sites worldwide. After they are painted, the trees are geolocated, copyrighted and turned into a part of the musical score titled The Blued Trees Symphony, a classical opera derived from the trees’ spatial relationships.

The Blued Trees exhibit at Perspective Gallery will take elements of the forest based work along with the copyright legal framework and encourage conversations around the meaning of “public good” in relation to eminent domain. It is hoped that viewers will ask questions about the root causes of global warming, and also how to protect the fragile relationship between community and habitat. 

Aviva has been awarded a prestigious New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship in the category of Architectural/Environmental Structures/Design for the Blued Trees Symphony.


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